Thursday, November 14, 2013

Quick Tips for Repairing Doors

When’s the last time you replaced the doors of your home? I’m guessing never. It’s something we don’t really think of. They’re just there. They open. They shut. So what if there are a few dings in them from children, door stoppers or rambunctious pets.

But I’m guessing if you look at your doors the chances are you know there’s are few imperfections on them. Who wants to deal with replacing or even fixing doors? Well, what if it wasn’t that difficult?

The video   from the folks over at eHow Home shows some simple tips on how to fix those door cracks and dents using wood putty. Wood putty costs maybe a few bucks and the time to fix it is minimal.

So watch the video link in blue on repairing doors and make the doors to your home all that more welcoming.

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